The Three Funny Productions

Well, they are mostly hasty and not so serious. However, they illustrate how formats and contents are indeed not too related to one another. I will explain how a poetic interface can be formed in the next post. It’s very easy.

A Leather Jacket

A tale of jeans, a word to send,
Is life in what we wear –
A leather jacket, odd to blend,
My walks of Stefanel.

A cloudy day, a breeze to lend,
Refreshed the air so cool:
The trousers green to follow trend,
My steps of Chipie shoes.

But all of these do not compare
To me who doesn’t care;
A tank top light of summer wears
Betrays a heart to share.

Bao Bab

A little corner of the street
Is close to where I live:
A cup of moka nice a treat –
A quite relaxing eve.

Could Bao Bab be my rhythmy lab
And where to dance my rhymes –
The meters stepping up for grabs,
A skitto paid on dimes?

A bagel stuffed with eggs and hams
With sesame a jot,
To fill with butter not a ban,
Ten million joules I got.

But right back home I weighed on scale,
And sixty kilos still;
In disbelief a song I hailed –
For sure I’d need a pill.

Two Waitresses

A waitress beautiful and tall,
Another short and sweet,
I, not too sure of which to call,
Held for their eyes to meet.

The taller girl at me she looked –
I stuttered not a sound;
The priciest items then I booked,
Not counting the amount.

I kept my cool and showed my card,
And, “Nay,” she waived her hand,
“It’s cash or cop, and not too hard,” –
I killed my wallet grand!

A bagel hot with coffee iced
For twenty no bargain,
But for a smile for sure will I
Come back to here again!


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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