Why I Am Not A Buddhist

I love peace as much as Buddhists do, but I can’t afford to be a Buddhist. Hopefully, not much else is going to happen other than more sanctions against Russia. I’m not too worried. After all, I don’t have any Russian toy at home. All my appliances and furniture are American and Asian. Really, why should I care? If it gets too serious for Russia, they can do more business with China. The Chinese government can simply build more power plants that burn oil and gas instead of coal. Besides, the Chinese people are really buying up lots of European cars. China is very thirsty now and must fight air pollution by burning less coal. No worries!

Why can’t I afford to be a Buddhist? Well, Buddha is simply not smart enough to be a leader. He was a prince to be king. Yet, when he saw the poor outside his palace, he had only one reaction. He quit! You listen well. He QUIT! It’s definitely not easy. Not too many princes can handle this easily. However, I have a few questions. Why couldn’t he improve the economy of his kingdom and fight poverty? In his time, it meant building more farms and storing more food. Was it that difficult? Most emperors around the world knew to do this in his time. How come Buddha was an exception? Well, after all, religion is more important than food. Assuming Buddha was not too intelligent, we would also wonder why he didn’t share his wealth with the poor. Was he too stingy? Did he really prefer to starve and sympathize with the poor? Was it too difficult to simply eat with them?

Well, Buddha walked out of his palace and began teaching all over India. He taught Indians to not want and desire. He taught them that complete nothingness is the highest state of mind. If you don’t feel like eating anymore, very much like a symptom of eating disorder, there will be no more hunger. Hence, happiness begins. Unfortunately, Buddha also taught against sex. Is it worth the pain for a woman to slim down that much if there’s no sex? However, Buddha accepted the practice of yoga.

This is absolutely evil. When people are hungry, they can’t think. Hypnosis through monotonous recital may help temporarily, but it is not a solution. The ultimate pursuit of Buddhism is nirvana. What does it mean? It means to mentally disappear completely. It takes about one month of starvation to achieve that level. It really works! Of course, Buddha made it himself even up to the physical level and hence set an example for all Buddhists. You can’t say he was evil. He was just nice and sincere.

It is the 21st century today. Buddhists need to change their story of Buddha so that he looks more like a smart leader. Don’t laugh! Most Asians are Buddhists in the sense that most Americans are Christians. How much do they know about Buddhism? Well, they know as much about Buddhism as you know about Christianity. Fair enough?

Just never ask me again why I am not a Buddhist from now on. It’s simply because I am not.

None the less, I am a Christian, but that’s another story. This is just to explain why I maintain a peaceful position in my blog.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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