Why Does China Look Better Than Russia Now?

I was half-joking in my previous post, where I painted American stealth solar drones as a military threat. At least, I sounded scared. They can be, but they have to fly faster. Without heat emission, nothing can travel near the speed of sound within the atmosphere. They can have stealth carriers to deploy them, taking chances, but the return trip for solar drones will be difficult. They better simply explode upon mission completion. You don’t want to leak technology that easily. Stealth technology is not cheap enough yet for one-time deployment if the only objective is reconnaissance. In any case, it’s better to be serious when talking about serious subjects. Sometimes, people can’t tell the difference that easily.

Why does China look better than Russia now? Well, Western media want to make money in China so they compromise with Chinese policies. Also, if they keep on saying China is bad, Chinese won’t like them. How are you going to make money from them if you piss them off? All of sudden, human rights are no longer an issue in China. Chinese minority ethnic groups are all happy now. Maybe it’s not that exaggerated yet, but silence gives consent. It’s much quieter now for sure.

China is still way behind Russia in terms of GDP per capita. Chinese people are still extremely poor. However, for Western merchants, it’s all about the market size and the total GDP that’s getting too close to that of the U.S.. Is it easy to make money in China as a Western company? Probably not. When people are poor, they don’t spend. Local supply in China is strong enough that most low-end needs are well covered. High-end goods and services need to target at the wealthy in China, but they have to find their taste. It takes time. The only exception is software, which includes movies, music, apps and online services, where unit cost is low. Actually, it’s not exactly that bad yet, because in China if 5% are rich, you have the size of France, and if 10% are rich, you have the size of Japan. However, to have a market size comparable to that of the U.S., China has to be 150%-200% of the U.S. in terms of total GDP, where the top 20%, roughly the size of the American population, can compare to Americans while still leaving 80% of Chinese in extreme poverty. If China keeps on doing the same thing, it will take about 40 years to achieve that milestone. China has to innovate to speed up their growth.

Economy is not everything. Why do so many Russians still seek to return to a strong and powerful Soviet, a time when even food supply was a problem? Technology and unity speak louder for children growing up in a cold and harsh environment. Russians don’t need Western validation. They need to know what they truly want and go for it. Technology is worth a lot of money and they are not too bad at it.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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