A Somewhat Interesting Scenario

Following the declaration of an air defense zone by China a few months ago, the U.S. responded with 2 old B-52 bombers flying into the area, claiming that China wouldn’t even be able to see them on their radars. It’s true, because China responded with a complete silence. Of course, the American insult was a bit exaggerated, but American stealth fighter jets remain a serious threat to Chinese air defense.

Now, imagine a more realistic scenario where American stealth fighter jets locate all of the Chinese airports and launch deadly air strikes simultaneously all over China. This is somewhat unrealistic, because the probability of bumping into a Chinese fighter jet is quite high. However, due to the fact that American jets can see Chinese jets and not vice versa, let’s assume that they somehow have circumvented all accidental encounters prior to the first strike. This is bad, because an early termination of 70-90% of Chinese air force upon a first strike is actually feasible. The good news is that with 1.5 billion pairs of eyes watching, American stealth fighter jets still can be caught with naked eyes alone, if a massive air strike is to be coordinated.

I am not too worried, because if China is dead, they will retaliate with a nuclear strike, violating their own promise of no first use. Why not? They are about to die, so it’s better to use up all their nuclear warheads before they are seized.

Of course, the more realistic scenario for a possible American invasion, which Americans have explicitly warned against China already, is to include all nuclear missile launch vehicles within the targets of the first strike. The question is, do Americans know where they are? In fact, they are still trying pin down the exact number of nuclear warheads and missiles in China, on the scale of 0 to possibly 30,000. If you don’t even know the count, you can’t possibly know where they are. Worse yet, they even question the existence of nuclear weaponry in China.

My name is Bond, James Bond, but even I don’t know where China hides their nuclear weaponry. Well, they have an underground tunnel system that totals 5000 km in length, but is there a map to show the deployment of weaponry in these tunnels? Are all nuclear missiles in the tunnels?

On the other hand, if China continues to show military weaknesses, their own people may keep on questioning the capability of the Chinese Communist Party to defend their nation. Their attempt to build or purchase aircraft carriers and their fleets in this day and age already shows extreme stupidity in military strategic thinking. Their new navy may look good enough to keep their trash around, but that will not fool the true talents in China, who will possibly move into all kinds of different fields by leaving their homeland. No one wants to stay in a weak nation foolish enough to provoke America. It’s like committing a suicide.

Hope is coming. The signing of the Chinese with Ukraine to provide a nuclear umbrella is a good move. At least they show that they know what is important. Whether they can actually fulfill a promise is another story. Stay tuned.

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