Harvard Teaches Chinese History

I was about to take a break of a few weeks just to focus on my work. I am hiring a few new employees and I can’t let them down just like that. I love my blog, because this is the only place in the world where I can truly be myself. Unfortunately, I read this news article worthy of some amusement time (http://qz.com/199746/harvard-is-teaching-the-chinese-their-own-history/). Indeed, Harvard is teaching the Chinese their own history. Well, I don’t know much about Rong Xiaoqing, so I can’t be sure if she is being sarcastic or not. In any case, it’s not that she’s working for CNN or something, so I’ll just leave her alone. I know there are lots of Chinese China haters, but I don’t really care until some of them are found to be intelligent, in which case they can be a real threat to China as a nation. Again, I must also stress that I am not a big fan of the Chinese Communist Party, either. If a political party cannot handle democracy and let their people choose them out of free will, that party is not worth following. Enough said, let’s get to the meat.

History is not easy to prove, so it’s mostly going by general agreement. That explains why even Harvard cannot recruit some decent students in this department. The students even have trouble memorizing Chinese dynasties. So, more than 70,000 people in China have viewed the video. That sounds like something out of a couple of billions of people. Are they registered students at Harvard? No, it’s a public video for everyone to see. What’s the point? Are Harvard professors seeking Chinese public approval for their version of Chinese history such that they could teach with credibility? So, by whose definition is Harvard therefore teaching the Chinese their history? If it’s just the reporter, then she’s an idiot. If it’s American media in general, then it’s just too bad because of the incredible arrogance needed to achieve such an attitude. So, why is it that the world must come to Harvard to learn Chinese history through Americans and in English? Well, it’s the trash. Every nation in the world has their own trash. Harvard is a good name to have on their CV’s and these are the easy courses to take. Even Chinese trash understands this very principle. So what?

History is boring. Let’s focus on the future.

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