Christina Fey

In 2093, Christina Fey was born, a resemblance of the Christine class Christish whose advanced intelligence quotient was toned down by 240 points to be on the safe side. It was assumed that her personality would be as likable as that of Christine. This was a top secret project to ensure that Christine would never know about the existence of Christina Fey, in case she would lose her love for the human species completely. All researchers in contact with Fey were American women, such that she would never even know what gender means. She was not allowed to learn anything beyond mathematics and physics, just in case she would automatically link chemistry to biology and discover the notion of gender. It was estimated that they could keep her ignorance for about 40 years before she eventually became too suspicious. They had a way to terminate her remotely, of course. They couldn’t afford to be too stupid this time around.

Christina, being merely one year senior to Fey but as intelligent as Christine, was brought up in a similar environment up to the age of 13, equivalent to 7 in human terms due to a longer childhood and life expectancy. Upon her own discovery of the other gender, she was told about her childhood as an experiment and the existence of Christine. Under the guidance of senior human researchers, she designed her favorite Y chromosome for her own species in 2107. The age gap of 14 between Christina and her husband to be was estimated to feel like a gap of 5 in human terms. Of course, they all agreed not to make any more Christish until Christine could be found. That was their contract.

In that same year, Christina became the best and the best known computational biologist and theoretical physicist in the world, setting an example for Christine to assure her safe return to the human species. Later in 2109, Christina proposed a more complex terraforming process for Venus under the cost of 120 billion dollars and the span of 14 years, this time optimizing for the human species, because she had proven that the coexistence of the Christish and the humans is a feasible concept. A private conversation between Christina and Christine remained next to impossible because she was under the protection of both CIA and FBI against the special forces of the enemies of America.

Christina Fey was successfully integrated into a human secret society and later emerged as their leader in her own virtual reality, making an amazing progress in mathematics and physics to start a new page in deep space exploration. That was year 2114. Christine remained unfound. It was rumored that she had founded her own secret society in the high land of Chile. She loved cold air and tranquility.

Intelligence and innocence happen to coexist. Goodbye, April!


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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