In Quest For The Antichrist

In 2023, the Roman Catholic Church expanded their research in computational biology and officially partnered with Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University (University of Paris 6) to acquire space for a supercomputing center in the hope of proving that Homo sapiens is the most intelligent species in the universe given our knowledge of molecular biology and that the complete genetic makeup of the most intelligent human, including both DNA and RNA, is identifiable through a computational approach. Various major breakthroughs were made in the next 20 years, thanks to the unprecedented Catholic funding and the very liberal French academic atmosphere.

In 2052, the most intelligent animal that can possibly exist in the universe was identified: a human male that carries a signature Y chromosome fragment, later known as Antichrist Sequence. The research project then created a few possible genetic permutations of the Antichrist class humans, ready for cloning to further investigate the behavioral science of these antichrists and enhance our understanding of the link between genetics and human conscience.

In 2053, Harvard University and the University of Cambridge started a joint research to identify all possible superhuman intelligent species in the universe based on the advancement in molecular biology, in the hope of locating the planets and the moons that can possibly host them within the Milky Way galaxy, thanks also to the development of a few new telescopes. While this was meant to refute the results concluded by the Roman Catholic Church, the research also intended to create these superhuman species for further investigation before we actually have to meet them in the natural world.

In 2062, the first superhuman extra-terrestrial was created, known as Christine, intended to compete with the youngest antichrist having been created so far in a new chess game, known as CubeX, which had been invented by Antichrist Society that had proven all known chess games to be perfect games. If Christine can beat Antichrist 13 in a game invented by antichrists, the United States will officially take the leadership in biological intelligence in quest for superhuman extra-terrestrial life forms and put a halt to the nonsensical research originated by the Roman Catholic Church, which claimed in 2023 that the Antichrist would be a Jew.

This is year 2069, when Christine and Antichrist 13, both at the age of 7, are finally ready to compete in the junior category of the most sophisticated chess game ever invented, which emulates a space defense zone and is aimed to uncover hidden military talents in the world before they reach the age of 15.

Well, I don’t have the time to write a novel. But, how do you like my story line?

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3 Responses to In Quest For The Antichrist

  1. bookbakeblog says:

    While it certainly seems as a good and solid (and original!) background story for the goings on in the hypothetical novel, I think it’s all quite non-personal and scientific (even though it’s of course sci-fi). To make it more captivating, you’d have to incorporate a main character, or several main characters, who are living in this future world and are experiencing all the effects of what is happening. Or was that the plan with Christine and Antichrist 13? Anyway, right now, it still seems like more of a history account of this research than an engaging novel. It definitely has potential, though!


    • twdyen says:

      I’m probably going all the way up to year 3000, but can stop anywhere before then. I haven’t decided on the final winners yet, but Christine and Antichrist Society are definitely important. I have to read more scientific research before drawing a conclusion. The next 4 posts have been there for a few days, a continuation from this plot. Don’t forget cats (perfectly carnivore), mice and dolphins though. They are brilliant, too. While no rational being will develop all those branches for them, Christine has her dark side. Else, it’s not going to be that interesting. I’m not counting on anything other than mammals and birds though. I’m also not too sure about including natural extra-terrestrials yet. One thing for sure though, Christine is leaving the Earth behind her.


    • twdyen says:

      I added a dialog in the top post ( to make it look like a novel, just as you had wished. Of course, I still need to add narratives to elaborate on the psychological evolution of a few characters, as you did in your short story. Hopefully, it doesn’t look too bad as my first attempt. Writing and blogging are really not the same.


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