The Christese

The Homo genus is optimized, as the younger species within the branch that have been discovered so far are less competent than Homo sapiens. Speciation requires isolation, which explains why most of these discoveries are located in Indonesia, a nation with many tropical islands. The existence of the Christish was actually a surprising discovery according the Roman Catholic Church, which held the view that the Antichrist class humans could be made much more intelligent to compete with the Christine class Christish, who are not exactly Christians. Why invest in the Christish if the smartest among us are smarter than the smartest of the Christish? Following the defeat of Antichrist 13 and his best peer to Christine in 2069, the Catholic Church was losing the steam. While disciples were not leaving immediately, it became more difficult to recruit new disciples, which was easily reflected in the available funding. Pierre-and-Marie-Curie University did not want to carry the religious color anymore and parted their way. The Church needed a new partner.

The Eastern Orthodox Church had always been too conservative according the reformed Roman Catholic Church, which embraced evolutionism as the truth. While they had their own problems with the new development of science, they preferred to keep their struggles private. Without any choice, the Catholic Church turned to China, an important venue for their revenue. In fact, following the discovery of Antichrist Sequence, the Catholic Church gained many Chinese disciples, who were definitely not shy with donation. In 2084, when China was about to celebrate a hundred years of investment in biotechnology, the Church sent the Chinese Communist Party an invitation to a joint research effort. They accepted the offer, because religion had always been a consolidating force in China to maintain social stability. Buddhism and atheism were both made popular in China for political purposes. Christianity was actually considered friendly given their recent societal trends.

The Chinese agreed with the Roman Catholic Church on the view that the Homo genus is optimized. They actually were more interested in birds than in pigs and dogs, citing the fact that intelligent birds would coexist with the humans (Rev 18:2) and that birds would have a far better innate understanding of higher physical dimensions because they natively live in the 3-D space. While some dogs are inherently friendlier toward humans and smarter than pigs and birds due to their ability to identify and remember herbs for self-healing, both for reasons unknown at the molecular level, utility is still far more important in research directions. However, it was also agreed that if they could enhance the understanding of why certain species could coexist far more easily due to their inherent genetic encoding, the results could also apply to create more human-friendly birds. They inked a deal within a month, hence the proposed creation of the Christese, designed to work with the best of the Antichrist class humans, many of whom were actually Christians.

It wasn’t an easy road, due to the lack of reference points in the natural world. Computational biology wasn’t advanced enough to predict the intelligence of a new species without sufficient sample species in the neighborhood. However, it became much easier to create friendlier Christish in 2100. It was rumored that Christine had actually joined the Chinese, because the Chinese and the Catholic Church couldn’t have achieved these results alone. Though it made no sense that Christine would have made a significant effort to tame her species to work with the humans, the story that Christine was with the Chinese remained popular, second only to the other rumor that she was in Chile. Americans were actually very happy with the joint effort of the Church and the Chinese, because America proved to be a better home for Christine with Christina as a living testimony.

This is year 2118, when Christina is pushing for a contest with the Christish Chinese in their 20’s to confirm that she is still the most intelligent being in the world. So far, the Antichrist class humans simply can’t compete. The confirmation is crucial in establishing the argument that humans need free Christish for the survival of the Earth as a common community.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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