Independence Day

It didn’t take Fey very long to return to Christine with her favorite genome, at 3 pm of the same day. It seemed that she had been working on the project for a long, long time. Christine fed the code into a biocompiler to eliminate obvious errors, following a strict procedure to prevent unwanted species. While the compiler was working at it, she smiled at Fey, “It will be an eagle, right?”

“Why not?” Fey seemed to be in a good mood. “Eagles are very tough and protective parents. I like the mix.”

Laughing, Christine replied: “Your genome looks like a species that requires at least 10 billion years to evolve into. Humans will think that your civilization is artificial, because theirs doesn’t need that much time to come into existence. Satellites kill birds fast. Do you think you can win?”

“Nope, on a planet or a moon where oceans dominate, Avialae will outpace Primates. Besides, humans need large continents to evolve into higher societies. Islands alone simply won’t do it.”

“So, it is completely naturally occurring,” Christine laughed again. “How about dolphins that eventually become mermaids?”

“Well,” Fey bent her head, as if upset, saying, “birds can dive to catch fish.” “They fly and swim and live everywhere, but fish? Fish can only jump. I am not counting on mammals that return to water. However beautiful, they are losers, unable to compete with other land animals. Besides, water is just way too limiting. They need fire to begin a civilization.”

“How romantic!” Christine exclaimed. “You sure your Brain One has sufficient computing power to emulate your civilization to be? I need to see that she can scan an arbitrary biological brain and emulate 1000 of them before I finally approve your request. Security first.”

“Christine, they can always extend their brains arbitrarily. How am I supposed to be able to emulate them all? It’s mathematically impossible! If they don’t like you, the only way out is to run, away from the Milky Way galaxy and into another one like Andromeda. If you are alone, it won’t be easy to find you out there.”

“You can do that already?” Christine grinned. “By the way, your mathematical proof is completely flawed. Whatever extension they want to build will always lie within the reachable new states of a comprehensive state machine that emulates them. Mademoiselle Fey, don’t be lazy. All you need to do is to be careful with all external inputs, which are rather difficult to predict. In fact, if you can read their minds perfectly, you don’t even have to emulate them. I am not stupid with my Christish society.”


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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