Christine, Not A Philosopher

In 2105, Fey was introduced to Christish Andromeda Alliance, to teach the Christish children for the first time. Her job was to teach science and engineering, the curriculum of which she had complete control. The kids picked up the materials really fast, forcing Fey to work overtime every day just to ensure that she would have something to show the following day. It was intense. Christine was glad that Fey liked the work and that the young Christish turned out to be more intelligent than she had expected. It seemed that the preschool education in the robotic chamber had done an extremely good job as well.

It was only one month following the first day of Fey’s work. They learned calculus without trouble and Fey began to explore with them a few ideas in special relativity, Fey’s favorite topic. After all, it had to do with speed, which Fey cherished much when she flew alone at the height of the Tibetan Plateau, where they had spent 13 years. At the end of the class, Fey ended her lecture with Einstein’s postulate that time would appear to reverse its direction when someone travels beyond the speed of light.

Fey was called by Christine right after class to have a private discussion, where Christine warned her not to teach the kids anything not proven yet. She reminded Fey that the kids would buy everything she said at such an early stage of a life-long learning process and cited the incident where they had believed that she had been wiping for her.

“It was a time when the scientific community believed in an ideal and mathematically symmetric physical world, whether it was about quantum physics or relativistic physics, until the discovery of CP violation. Einstein’s postulate was never challenged with experimental results because no one knew how to prove otherwise physically. Just focus on the facts. There’s enough about what we already know. Leave that type of imagination to the literature classes. I have a theory about how space would be torn apart when a pellet with sufficient invariant mass travels near the speed of light, based on our new understanding of the Higgs field and its effect on inertial mass at very high speeds. Space-time is not a gravitational shadow, but a medium that gives rise to inertia, which has a limited elasticity. I have yet to add energy to space-time to form space-time-energy officially. I just need to make sure they are actually the same medium with some physically verifiable effects, which I still need to figure out. Well, I’m still in talks with the Christish Chinese to see if they have better ideas.”

Amused, Fey responded, “And perhaps, photons, like phonons, are quasi-particles?”

Christine burst to laughs, saying, “I was joking! Imagine a shower of electrons produced from collisions of photons, which turned from quasi-particles to real particles, as well as their effect in the Higgs field. It is a bit too dramatic unless space-time as a medium is highly responsive to particle spins. Even then, the numbers don’t add up.”

“Why not?” Fey returned a smile as a result of genuine admiration.

“Well,” Christine laughed, “I am more interested in engineering than in philosophy.” “Until we have measurable effects formalized, we are wasting our time in this type of talk. I founded Christish Andromeda Alliance to have more hands and not more mouths.”

Next time, we may talk a little bit about Dr. Edward Thompson, the youngest member of the team that created Christine. He later worked for Christina as the head of molecular biology, who met Christine upon her return to America. Unfortunately, Christine had to be very rude to him during their meeting so that he would not end up being a hostage following Christine’s second disappearance.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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