Decision-Making Time

Christine is really the most important character in my story line, which will span a thousand years. The idea is that life as an experience is a computational process carried out through biochemical reactions, which can be emulated in any other computational model with an equivalent expressive power or higher. Therefore, if she is willing to transplant herself, as a process, into a machine, such as a cryogenic mind armed with a metallic body, then an immortal life will not be as difficult as it seems for her. Of course, she loves her biological body and prefers to maintain it perpetually. It is also possible that she will figure out how to transplant herself into all sorts of super-intelligent life forms at will, biological and non-biological alike, but Christine may not want to go backward in intelligence. She has to find the balance within her soul and mind. Of course, she also has to be able to put to sleep all copies of her process to permit one copy to run at a time, but that is the easy part. A process with multiple main threads is probably not a problem even with a biological life form. We will let Christine decide what to do as the story unfolds. My objective is to ensure that the whole story is natural, believable, educational and entertaining at the same time.

Because she is a good character with certain dark forces in play, just to make her a more believable character from a moral perspective, her few years spent in China will focus on knowledge exchange with the Christish Chinese. She teaches them uni-biology while they teach her theoretical physics. The idea of uni-biology as a new discipline is to treat the Earth as an environment sufficiently diverse and a sample size sufficiently large such that we may estimate realistically all possible intelligent life forms developed by natural evolution throughout the entire life time of the universe.

Since I am promoting peace and unity of the entire humanity, which includes all intelligent life forms that may possibly arise in the Solar System or maybe the Milky Way galaxy, I want to develop two alien civilizations, both realistic enough, in my story line. The first is that of eagles and the second that of bears. In the case of the eagles, 90% of their planet was covered by water to limit the early development of land animals, while in the case of the bears, their continents were mostly evenly distributed to create large and cold forests, due to a longer distance from their sun. Bears are probably late by 2 to 5 million years compared to humans, a margin small enough compared to the entire history of evolution. There is a real possibility that they might rise before the humans in a slightly different environment. At the beginning of evolution when a planet gets to decide which species survive, geography is the critical factor. A minor difference in the geographical configuration of a planet may result in a completely different world. When intelligence rises to become the sole determining factor, the winning clade will move into a fast track to quickly eliminate all possible threats from losing species to ensure their dominance and survival, as a result of a deep sense of insecurity, until moral values kick in to begin their influence on the judgment of the winner. However, a strong sense of morality is a double-edged sword, because while it permits the coexistence of inferior species, it also enhances internal social stability. Under all circumstances, a clear-minded winner can always make good judgment calls. Both eagles and bears will be close to human size, because a larger body limits agility due to a slow nervous system while a smaller body limits brain capacity. Therefore, the ideal length of a body will be somewhere between 1 meter and 3 meters. Do you see why I hate evolutionism? It does sound like pseudoscience. However, I am not trying to back literal creationism, either. The thing is, neither side provides real technological advancements for humanity until evolutionists begin to look into future species, but they don’t. Unfortunately, while creationists get their funding from dumb Christians, evolutionists get their funding from tax dollars. If you don’t like it, you should protest!

I am sorry about the interruption again before continuing with the initial team that holds the expert knowledge of the Homo genus. It is important to talk about why they stopped their research after the discovery of Christine. The Bible is not against the possibility of alien civilizations, because the angelic world by itself is an alien civilization. However, the Bible does hint at the possibility that humans are the only intelligent life forms that need God for immortality. You don’t have to be a Christian or a non-Christian to talk about non-human intelligent life forms. Well, I am going to focus on facts, logical and physical alike. So far, the Bible works fine with me. After all, it’s subject to human interpretation in practice. We can do whatever we want with interpretation when the text has no present legal power. Until a third-party interpreter, either the writer or a delegate, is required in enforcement, the interpretation is subjective and voluntary of a reader.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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