Gravity, Probably Invariant

It seemed that everyone was seeing her as liar at this point. Fey decided to give them a hypothesis just to calm them down. “Sigh,” she pointed out, “you know photons can turn into electrons or other fermions easily, thus making it possible to convert relativistic kinetic energy into gravitational mass. Nearly infinite gravitational mass creates a giant black hole sufficient to devour an entire galaxy, in which case a nearby galaxy such as Andromeda is simply not far enough. However, it takes a very long time to create gravitational mass sufficient to swallow a galaxy just because time slows down very fast near the speed of light. The Milky Way galaxy may collapse very slowly, but the Andromeda galaxy will remain more or less intact. It depends on how many years we need to eventually move there. If we don’t need more than 700 years to acquire the technology, we are still very well off.”

“As far as our project is concerned,” Fey continued smoothly as if she had been flying at the speed of light, “I prefer that you guys and gals will not spend your time on quantum gravity, for which humans have wasted a couple of centuries without any meaningful result. If Einstein is right about invariant gravitational mass, it means that gravity probably exists outside of space-time, which reflects its influence through space-time curvatures. To justify the pursuit of quantum gravity as a research direction, you guys and gals have to prove that Nathan is right about his new physical framework, which is not too difficult to verify. We don’t have too many people in our team, so I don’t want to waste our time. Even then, Nathan’s macroscopic point of view still may not provide much insight into quantum mechanics, the details of which expect a certain level of mathematical genius. That Christine still cannot answer these questions very accurately means that her engineering took a completely different direction, with which I am not familiar at all.”

It seemed that everyone was listening carefully, but Fey really needed some alone time to clear her mind. To keep it short and sweet, she concluded, “Humans don’t give up easily. They can try the same thing for a few centuries without seeing any result to justify their efforts. We don’t have to be that persistent. Prove that quantum gravity exists before we even worry about how it works. That they have got nothing so far with their very old research direction means that Einstein is probably right about gravitational mass being invariant within space-time. Have fun!”

Suddenly, the ceiling opened up and Fey soared into a long tunnel that led to the control center of the ship in which they breathed and lived.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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