A New Race

No, it’s not yet another arms race or space race, but a medicine race, a race aimed at saving millions, if not billions, of human lives. When saving lives is tied to national pride and economy, it gives the patriots a new perspective on life and even the human species as a whole. It is an opportunity to unite and not to divide. I think it’s enough that people around me keep on thinking that I am a Chinese, though I was not even born in China. You don’t understand how much people would love to share their opinions about China in front of me, mostly extremely negative. I am tired of defending a foreign nation that has little to do with me. Well, I still feel obliged to defend China, because in their minds, there’s little difference between ethnicity and nationality. I can never be a true Canadian to them. Fine, so be it. I suppose I just have to live a better life than they to shut them up. Don’t get me wrong. I say 80% of Canadians are fairly nice and good, but I tend to remember the other 20% better.

The game is easy to set up. Firstly, create a list of terminal diseases to work on, cancer, AIDS, or whatsoever you name it. In fact, it will serve as a good reminder to us that we still have much work to do in medical research. Cancer is no longer as terminal as it was, but the treatments remain painful and even harmful to health. Diabetes is not terminal, but is not curable, either. It can go into a secondary list. For now, we focus on the deadly ones. Secondly, we can publish the list at World Health Organization so that the world knows what to aim for. The first nation to discover a reliable treatment wins. There are two ways to declare victory: transparent and opaque. In the transparent mechanism, the exact procedure to follow in the treatment must be published and repeated successfully in at least 5 other nations to establish the final status. On the other hand, the opaque mechanism, often preferred by China, encourages a higher participation rate from around the world, which basically allows a nation to keep their treatment secret. Patients still can go to China, for example, at their own risks. When you are about to die, you do whatever you can to survive. If China has the cure, you go to China. If Kenya has the cure, you go to Kenya. It’s better than dying slowly without dignity in the U.S., just because you don’t have an option. Keeping treatments secret is great for a nation aiming to boost their tourism. Patients always have visitors that stay for a couple of weeks, who usually are obliged to buy gifts for their friends, relatives and loved ones. Of course, China can always charge Americans with American rates and Kenyans with Kenyan rates, just so that they all have a good story to tell when they return home in good health. Now, Chinese citizenship begins to have value, which the Chinese government can sell at one million dollars per household. Well, there are way more than a million American families that can afford this amount easily. American millionaires are probably smarter than average Chinese. So, it is a good addition to the Chinese population base.

If you are well ahead of everyone else, it’s pretty easy to add a few trillions to your GDP just like that, given that you usually must cover the expenses with good financing options, often some sort of insurance, that will allow you to leverage and lift your finance sector that knows how to move a huge amount of capital both domestically and internationally. It means you will have more control over world economy as a nation.

Well, if you can save more lives, you deserve it. Why not? If China is not willing to lead a new race given their existing investment in biotechnology, the U.S. is happy to lead the world once more. It’s a lot of money. I tell you. The Chinese talent pool is very weak under the present leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. This is one of the few areas where they even have a chance to be a world leader. They better not trash it.

This will be my last post about China until the Chinese Communist Party is willing to do something different than higher manufacturing from credit easing, which seems to be the only thing they can possibly comprehend intellectually.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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