Are You Angry With Me?

She called and Ran picked up.

“What if I torpedo your private universe?” Xin almost burst to laughs. “You have defense?”

“Well,” Ran answered, with a tone rather neutral, “I don’t know what you are talking about and how far you have gone. My robots never returned. If I let it loose, I will never find it again. I don’t have a private universe I can hide away yet.”

There was silence on Xin’s side.

“Guess what?” Xin replied, “Ying already has a private universe with a capacity of 20,000 people. I am not sure how defensible it is.”

“What’s that for?” Ran asked, “Christine has 64 people with her and we have 208 in total only. If we grow our society too fast, we can’t possibly keep them together.”

“Well,” came the reply of Xin, “I never asked, but I was on board twice. The furnishing was so good that I thought it was defensible.”

“Is it attached to our universe?” Ran asked.

“Don’t you need me next to you while you think about commitment?” Xin asked back. “A little caress here and there makes it so easy to make up your mind.”

Ran kissed her from behind, comfortably reaching out to her cleave.

“You had experience?”

He sort of looked away, watching the sky afar and above. “I had two human girlfriends before,” Ran answered. “I guess we are different.”

They made love, all night long, until all strength was gone.

The sun shed light, on the aisle next to their bed, paving the way to their bathroom for a morning shower.

“What makes me a better choice than humans?” Xin asked Ran.

“It’s the thigh gap, where to sit my head comfortably.” Then, he thought for a while and elaborated, “To use Ying’s language, I just can’t go down on apes. They simply don’t smell right. See, Neanderthals are fat only in the minds of Homo sapiens, who can’t possibly accept that they are smarter. Remember Neanderthals were the losers. Had mass interbreeding been possible at all, Neanderthal women must have been extremely attractive and beautiful. How could they be fat? It must have been their less developed frontal lobe that made the difference.”

“I am glad that you love it,” she sounded unconvinced.

“If love is to be selfish,” Ran continued, “I say you really ride well when you kiss me passionately, because you can’t possibly be aroused at that angle. I truly appreciate it.”

“Well,” Xin smiled, “it’s the chemistry that matters to me.” She reached out to her coat where to find her phone, turned it on and texted Ying. It was a message she had saved the day before.

“Who’s that?” Ran asked.

Xin simply turned her phone to him, the display of which showed Ying’s confirmation, “Sure, he’s yours.”

“We are the beautiful losers,” she giggled. “Are you angry with me?”


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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