History Repeats Itself

News like this is somewhat alarming (http://qz.com/297142/this-us-navy-ship-is-now-armed-with-a-drone-killing-laser-beam/). The U.S. is either very cautious or very stupid. They have decades of experience with laser weaponry systems, now pushing down the cost of each laser round below $1. With a few space mirrors up there, they can now kill millions of people simultaneously across the globe. Of course, anti-satellite technology is now mature enough that such attacks won’t be easy, but with stealth satellites flying up there, the probability of national survival isn’t really very good without proper reconnaissance that gives them an idea about what their enemy is doing. If you ask the Chinese Communists, they shrug it off, thinking that laser weaponry is nothing. However, if you show them AHW, they are shocked, really shocked, as if they were scared. It’s sick. I really wish that the Nationalists had not lost back in 1949. They wouldn’t have shown this level of extreme military stupidity. If 100 million Chinese lives must be paid to protect the future of China, so be it. After all, that’s about the number the Chinese Communists have killed so far. It’s just fast death versus slow death. Well, it’s just too bad that I am probably the only person on earth with such an opinion. Of course, there’s always that nuclear counter-strike, so the U.S. still may not do it without mature anti-missile technology. However, what’s the problem with that stupid AHW that the Chinese Communists were shocked? Where is the logic?

Recall that Zheng Cheng-gong was trying to restore China by using Taiwan as a military base, too. It took about 3 generations to lose their morale completely and finally surrender to the Qing government, which was considered a foreign one by the remnants of the Ming dynasty. Interbreeding solved the problem of foreign rulership during the 300 years of Qing. Today, there’s virtually no difference between Man Chinese and Han Chinese. If the Nationalists had not lost, even today’s Mongolians might have been willing to stay with the Han Chinese as one nation. You don’t want to count the number of Chinese Mr. Mao and his party have killed, nor do you want to count the number of square kilometers the Chinese Communists have given away to neighbors in order to keep peace. Even Myanmar was considered too strong for Mr. Mao back then following the conquest of China. The restoration of national power was too slow, but they got lucky for 20 years. I hate Chinese Communists, but I know we can’t afford a civil war now, because without a strong China, it will be very hard to fight racial discrimination, mostly in the U.S.. If you ask me what the Nationalists are doing today, well, I must tell you that they are all too busy with elections, fighting against the Democratic Progressive Party, their main opposition in Taiwan. It’s such a joke. It seems that China is no longer important for them.

No one is going to attack a battleship with drones. You don’t think about the return trip when you are going for a high value target, such as an emperor. If I were to attack a battleship, I would simply fire a supersonic stealth missile, with a final stage rocket to accelerate to Mach 6 or 10 for only a few minutes to survive all possible countermeasures. It’s really easy. Even the Chinese Communists can make these missiles with their present knowledge. Their J-20 is really a joke. It shows that they have the basic military engineering but not the military strategic thinking to use their engineering knowledge effectively, not to mention cost efficiency.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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