How To Suck It Up Properly?

Russia is going into recession. They need cash now, fast! What can China do, given a long history of Russian aids in the 20th century? It’s time for them to say, “Thank you,” and “I love you, mum!”

Here’s the adult version of what they are supposed to do. T-50 is looking good and really cheap given its specifications. Su-35 is a little too expensive on the other hand. Isn’t it the best time to speak to Russia about the next major upgrade? Plus, this time around, technology transfer may be a real possibility. That’s lots of cash to throw around to impress Putin in time of need. Russia is usually quite reserved with technology transfer, since they want you to keep buying for the rest of your life. For a nation, that usually means forever. So, how are you supposed to package it? Collaboration. China now has sufficient technology to offer, too, all be it less than what Russia can do for China. However, in future following this wave of major purchases, collaboration will make it easier to create cheaper, faster and tougher stealth jets, well, all assuming that they mean anything at all.

Stealth solar drones that stay in air indefinitely are still your best friends in air defense. No matter how invisible you are to radio waves, you are still visible to visible light. Computer vision in drones can easily guide your stealth ground-to-air missiles to terminate all incoming F-22 fighter jets before they even know what’s happening. Missiles are so fast that pilots usually have no more than a second to respond to their appearance in visual range. The solution is so cheap and deadly that you have no idea. But, isn’t it too fast to shoot down the drones? Well, not so fast. A drone about the size of your palm doesn’t fly beyond 50-100 km/h. For pilots to see them at Mach 2, it takes a miracle.

Well, if Russia indeed intends to work with China so Russia rules the West and China the East, they have to do better than that. Until then, India is very hungry with their military upgrades, too. Cash is everywhere. Putin just has to know to grab it now.

A whisper from Washington, signed.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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