Putin Versus Obama

With Ukraine crisis, Russia is confronting the West on their own by sacrificing their own economy and benefiting their Chinese friends. With Ukraine crisis, the U.S. is countering Russia with Europe by putting their friends on the front line, militarily and economically, while benefiting themselves with a shrinking Europe and a possible new wave of migration of top European talents into America. Smart, undeniably. Shrewd, as the U.S. has always been. Obama is becoming the hero of America by doing all the right things. Plus, Sweden formerly sucked it all up by awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize with a simple reason: he is a man of hope with whom we envision major contributions to world peace. That was probably the first time a Nobel Prize was awarded on the basis of hope and not prior real contributions. They gave it to a man who would put them on the front line with Russia, a nuclear superpower. Touching, as Putin would have commented.

So, according to Obama, following the failure of diplomatic actions, he would have no choice but consider military options. Well, perhaps, according to his dictionary, so long as an option is not military, it must be diplomatic, hence the logical formulation of his statement. In any case, the ceasefire talk seemed to work, so I am not complaining. However, I am still unsure of how many non-military options he still has in his arsenal. I know Americans are always quite pro-war at first and regret it in a few years, a cycle hard to break. Now, it’s all up to Merkel to maintain a military neutral position of Europe and resist American pressure on taking a military approach to Ukraine crisis, because obviously Obama is not really fighting their internal pressure on his side. Europe has to be wise. After all, who’s on the front line anyway?

A military option to be taken by the American armed forces is totally okay, so long as Obama does it like Bush with Iraq by going all alone. Is the U.S. not strong enough that they must take Europe with them to fight Russia, which is just another nation like them? Of course, I don’t want any war now, at least not in my life time. Let’s just get back to the drawing board. What did Russia want initially? No more than deeper and closer economic ties with Ukraine, lest they turn to the E.U.. So what? Just let them. The problems with the Ukrainian economy do not lie in their imports but their exports. As long as they can find buyers around the world, their economy will thrive. They need to be competitive. At first, that simply means major foreign investments. Ukrainians are very hardworking, so there should be no problem at all. So long as there’s peace, even South Korea and Taiwan are willing to build their factories there, both of which work fine with Russia.

Merkel is key in peace talks with Russia. Putin is still willing to listen. As long as they are willing to get back to the drawing board, there’s room for everyone to get what they want.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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