A Simple Clarification

It’s commonly mistaken that Asians are having a privilege in Silicon Valley. No, they are not. While they are numerous, their average salary is lower than that of Africans, not to mention that of Caucasians. Asians overcome the racial discrimination by taking a lower pay and dominating most American colleges before entering the job market. Even then, schools are not being fair to them, as evidenced by the significant gap in SAT scores and grades between Asians and all other ethnic groups. Asians have to do better to get into the same school and the same company, everywhere in America. None the less, they still prevail. Yes, they can sue if they want, but the majority of them prefer to get people to like them first. The approach seems to work. I don’t consider Asians, male and female alike, having any privilege or advantage in Silicon Valley until they at least surpass Africans in average salary.

I am sorry that I can’t feel sympathetic toward Ellen Pao when reading about accusations against Asian dominance in Silicon Valley. Well, if the soft ball doesn’t work, Asians may switch to the hard ball. So far, I like the peaceful approach better. Well, I am not an American, but even I understand that Asian Americans want to maintain peace with their fellow Americans.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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