Who Is Ellen Pao?

I honestly never heard of this woman. So, she’s on the news, a heroine of America, fighting against both sexism and racism, remarkable and strong, a role model for American women and minorities. Totally encouraging. Why not blog about her and elevate her status in my heart to that of Taylor Swift, who is also a feminist, just widely misunderstood due to her sissy appearance? Sure, I looked it up online and conveniently found her at Wikipedia. Hmm, she married an African American, which explains her cause to fight in court against both sexism and racism in America, a well known and recognized issue by the general public. Well, you know most Asians don’t like to bring it up unless it’s undeniably obvious.

Wait. It’s not looking good. Ellen Pao was divorced and Buddy Fletcher was a homosexual, converted. Suddenly, the picture of Tim Cook with Nicole Kidman shows up in my head, not exactly a typical successful American couple. Then, I read a bit about their careers just to see if Ellen is Nicole and Buddy, Tim. I am sorry about my random comparative analysis, as I am not used to talking about people. Hold, Buddy managed suspicious and insolvent funds, the most recent of which to finance his brother’s movie project. No fraud declared. Well, maybe he was honest with his clients and they were extremely stupid. I am not going into that now. In any case, he just made Ellen look a lot cleaner.

It’s interesting what Americans are going after today. Ellen’s case wasn’t particularly strong, but American media brought her to the spotlight and garnered enough public support for her battle. Is it that they can’t possibly find a better case to promote? They have a good cause, but they are not good fighters. Plus, multiple bankruptcies look fishy and cast a shadow on Buddy’s profile, who is none the less still well employed and connected in the financial world, miraculously. You can’t claim racism if you have sunken your funds many times, possibly due to fraud. It is a privilege that he still stays in the industry, but you can’t complain, just because he is not white. That’s America today.

I don’t know. At this point, I am not in the mood to read further about Ellen’s case. If she can handle her husband’s dealings in finance, I don’t think I can trust her, either. Americans have to find a better role model in the battle against sexism and racism. I read about many good ones before.

Oh, Ellen was born and raised in the U.S., not exactly a Chinese. Maybe that’s why. Just kidding! Not all Chinese are good anyway. Later.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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