Why Make Satan?

It’s a question asked by millions, if not billions, of people. Exactly. Why make Satan? The answer lies in the origin of the Spirit. Is the Spirit from the Lord or of the Lord?

Firstly, let’s assume the Spirit is from the Lord, just like Jesus the Son, but not chosen to inherit all authorities over the world because He did not die for us. Why make Satan? Is it so much fun that we suffer under the temporary rule of Satan? Is it true that this is the only way through which the Lord has an excuse to reward us? If the Lord can make everyone perfect, why not make everyone perfect? Traditionally, the answer is that without the existence of deniers, it cannot be shown that we submit to God through our free will. To prove that we actually submit to God through our own free will, the evildoers must exist. Now, why make them so evil? We have seen people capable of killing millions of people without any sense of guilt. In fact, they are common, also known as sociopaths. Fortunately, most of them do not have the opportunity to commit crimes at that scale. Do they have to be that evil to prove that free will exists or is it that they must be that evil to justify the existence of the hell, also known as the lake of fire? The extreme of the evil known to Homo sapiens is unnecessary within such a framework of understanding of this universe.

Therefore, the Spirit is merely of the Lord, under the claim of the sovereignty of the Lord over His entire creation. It makes sense, because He created everything so He naturally owns everything. As a legal person coming from outside the reachability of the Lord, either another supernatural being like the Lord Himself or a civilization with the technology advanced enough to protect themselves from the Lord, the Spirit is a guest of honor exercising His authorities over this world within the sovereignty of the Lord over His creation. Why make Satan? Isn’t it good enough to simply describe him? I personally believe that the existence of Satan is simply an existence proof to show the extreme of the evil and the spectrum of the personalities that can possibly exist. So, however sophisticated the guest of honor may be, the Lord is showing that their psychological sophistication is probably within His understanding, good or evil alike. So far, the Spirit is being treated as a friend of the Lord and a member of God, with an authority above the Church and below Jesus the Son.

Still, why show? Why not just tell, given the amount of sufferings the world must go through? Well, the Lord is showing that He may not have the technological advancement to travel to the world of the Spirit, but He definitely has the psychological sophistication to communicate with alien civilizations intelligently, and that He will one day be technologically enabled to travel just like the Spirit to have a more equal, symmetric and bilateral diplomatic relationship with Him, namely, the Holy Spirit as we know from the Bible. So, why is God good? According to the Lord who announced this gospel to the world, He will come again to create a new heaven and earth, where the good will be greatly rewarded and the evil will be greatly punished. All will be paid, so we are not suffering for nothing today.

Why not make it clear in the Bible that the Spirit is from outside of the reachability of the Lord? Well, the Lord cannot tell, because the Spirit might have emerged from the same world, just later than the Lord, in which case the Lord knows for sure that He is more capable than the Spirit. The difference is not obvious yet. This explains why the Lord made the second heaven to house the angels, to which the Spirit has shown to access on His own, as well as the third heaven to house an indescribable world, the access to which by the Spirit is not mentioned in the Bible.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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