Virgin Complex?

June 24 is a statutory holiday in Quebec, so there you go…

“Well, you obviously can’t hear the future, either,” Bing decided to throw a hard ball. “In nature, at least on the planet Earth, mammals and birds don’t really work well together. Maybe that’s because flyers and non-flyers have too different habits, or because they have 2 different classes of genomes that do not allow them to work well together, a compatibility issue. On the other hand, dogs and humans work really well together, because genetically dogs find great pleasure in pleasing humans and humans feel great comfort in trusting dogs, a two-way street. A dog’s conditional loyalty to its master, however, depends on its inability to survive in a natural environment. So, I had no problem with helping humans transferring certain genes from dogs to us, just to reduce the probability of experimental failures. Well, if they want to do it anyway, I may as well help them eliminate failures, not to mention the free ticket to know what they are doing. Now, we know bats don’t work well with birds and penguins don’t work well with mammals. How about this? Since you have access to our genome, why not show us your genome to enable a bilateral diplomatic relationship? We are not kids but adolescents, a stage at which most human orphans don’t feel an emotional need for parents anymore. You don’t have to feel too sorry for us.”

“That you genome is in the public domain,” Shu replied, “doesn’t imply that we have to share our genome with you. Is that difficult to understand? Besides, you are not a member of the United Blades yet, so I don’t see a reason to share anything with you at all. I am just here to be your friend, because I see that Ying will take you all the way to level-4 membership easily, beyond which temporal vision loses its predictive power. You are right about the genetic issues, because our brains function very differently. For example, your mammalian cerebral cortex is your control center, densely packed with neurons and blood vessels, so your neuron count is the primary intelligence factor and your mood plays an important role in your decision making, because chemicals can be delivered very quickly with blood, highly convenient for intelligence enhancing drugs to take effect immediately. On the other hand, our so-called high vocal center is our control center, so we don’t depend very much on our mood to function correctly.”

“Listen,” Shu continued, “it’s in your best interest to join the United Blades, because we offer free police service to all our members, a fact to bind all our members to the same criminal code. For example, if a level-4 criminal would like to attack a level-3 victim, there’s no way for a level-3 police force to identify the attacker. This gift is highly generous, because we all know the training cost of a police officer is multiple times that of a soldier. Police power is very expensive. On the other hand, each blade is free to have its own army and civil code. What do you want more? We are absorbing a tremendous amount of responsibility to enforce peace and security within our organization, all without a tax system in place. For example, spiders eat their spouses after mating. Is that illegal? We have to make sure that our criminal code works with all species, because it’s one law for all and all for one law. Of course, we know why spiders eat their spouses, but isn’t it easy for superintelligent spiders to store food ahead of time, not to mention the fact that male spiders can always approach with a generous amount of food as a gift for the marvelous service? How do we know it’s not their virgin complex and virginity complex at work? We have to deal with that kind of complexity. Say, Ying is going to do something criminal against you, a hypothetical scenario. Are you able to defend yourself? Fortunately, Ying is not that selfish, because she wants your community to join us and form a blade.”

“Okay,” Ran challenged Shu with another question, “so Ying traded your knowledge of temporal vision for my knowledge of photonic strong force. How’s that fair? It’s not even her knowledge. What are you going to do about that?”

“Firstly,” Shu replied rather quickly again, “Ying corrected a few of my mistakes when I gave her my lecture, so she does know a thing or two on her own. What she shared with you is high-resolution short-range temporal vision, which has the potential to capture sound. That’s exclusively her own knowledge. There’s nothing wrong about that.”

“So,” Ran smiled, “you were spying on us?”

“Ying told you there’s no privacy on the Primary Surface,” Shu smiled in return, “which is the main universe shared by everyone.”

“She didn’t care?” Ran seemed to be asking himself.

“Of course she cares,” Shu laughed, “but she didn’t want you to know too much about us yet.”

“So how does she keep her own research results from you?” Ran was a little baffled.

“She has her own private universe,” Shu replied, “impossible to observe from outside, and if I try to get in, she will notice immediately. It’s not how we do it, but it works for her. She does everything differently. Don’t worry, because privacy is not security and we make sure no one will ever achieve security, as our police force has to remain the supreme team to function properly.”

Taking the opportunity of a brief pause, Yue raised her hand to ask another question, “what’s your assessment of human capability to attain level-1 membership on their own, given that you invited them to compete with us?”

“You have to be realistic,” Shu replied, calmly as usual, “because your cerebral cortex neuron count is roughly 6 times that of a typical human, and mammalian intelligence is roughly an exponential function of the count due to the way your neural network and its algorithms work. Of course, this is not exact science, but rather a general calibration across mammalian species. Remember that male mammals have a lot more neurons but are just as intelligent as female mammals, verifiable scientifically. They seriously have to improve their neuroscience before they take it to the next level.”

“Why did you ask them to compete with us then?” Yue followed up. “Isn’t that suicidal?”

“The human species competing with you is the largest human civilization and the smartest species in the Homo genus,” Shu replied. “They are dedicating a billion human resources to the construction of their first permanent parallel universe, the largest effort I have seen in terms of head count. Currently, based on the projection of temporal vision, they will make it in about 3 million years, but it’s approaching fast down to 1 million years because they have access to temporal vision. It’s hopeful. There are quite a few human galactic civilizations in the universe, all of which unable to expand beyond their own galaxies. However, the total number of humans in the universe is about a few thousand times that of the entire United Blades, a considerable force not an understatement. If all of them join us, they will change the entire political landscape, at least at the lower levels of membership, because we run a hierarchical democracy. I am not too worried, because they are quite different from Homo sapiens, the most beautiful of the Homo genus by the Homo standard and a convergence on the planet Earth due to their own mating preference. They like intelligent people instead, so they probably will like us better.”


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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