Double Wrapping

I try to make sure that most narratives come from the main characters of the novel, just so it will be easy to adopt the book on screen. I hope it works…

Ran was old, mentally old, so old that he had Forrest Gump as his favorite movie. He seemed to like every girl he knew, because all of them were very interesting. He wouldn’t approach them proactively, because he was afraid of rejection. Xin was different. She approached him first. He felt wanted and loved. He liked Wen, because she looked really innocent and pure, but was actually very sophisticated. The only problem with her was that she actually could pull the trigger and shoot a tracking device into Qin’s chest. She was either capable of murder or too confident in herself. He rather believed in the latter. Ying was the best, because her knowledge was actually highly valuable, but she made it sound like nothing to buy something rather cheap from him. That was interesting. He would rather be a good man and stay with Xin. After all, he probably would not have a chance with Ying anyway.

That was funny. Why did they invite humans just now? It must be that based on their assessment Ying loved humans very much, but they might be very wrong. Qi was just a little too obvious about which side to choose. On the other hand, they would have nothing to lose anyway. “If Ying doesn’t care, oops, all doors closed,” Ran almost laughed while reflecting on the perspective of the United Blades. He tried manipulating a few complex multidimensional objects in his mind. It was about 20 dimensions he could handle. Shu was definitely playing a game by making Ying’s achievement sound like something. It was actually very unwise of Ying to hide in a private universe, alone. Shu would not have to think twice before imploding her universe. She actually cared about them. How interesting! Why would Ying do something as unwise, on the other hand? It must be that she had got very close friends who would take certain action in case of her death, a conversation taken in another private universe, not mentioned by Shu. Why was Ying’s private universe more interesting? That was funny.

Xin spent most of her time on mathematics, totally not confident with relationship at all. She was glad that Ran had taken her just like that, like a gift from God. There was no marriage, but there was no pastor among them anyway. As long as they would not betray each other from this point on, there would be no difference. Most of the smart guys were after Ying, who seemed to have got everything. She would not want to work that hard to change their mind. They were young, so they had time to play with Ying. She would not want to wait for a few more years until some of them learned to be realistic. She wanted love, now.

That was funny. Xin tried manipulating a few complex multidimensional objects in her mind, too. It was not easy, but not hard enough to be impossible. She stopped at 35 and gave up. She was the only mathematician among them anyway. She knew Ying was not too bad at this, either, as they were playing a spatial game the other day. “They did this,” Xin almost shouted, “on the planet Earth!” Shu did not know this? Well, she said most of us anyway, which probably would not include a few outliers. Xin knew Ran was about to say something, so she waited.

“I am not sure if you are playing a game with us,” Ran raised his hand and spoke. “What’s so difficult about Ying’s trick according to you? What’s the size of her universe? If there’s nothing in there except for a sun, for example, it shouldn’t take a few hours for it to cool down to be usable. I know she turned it inside out, so all leaked particles went into the interior of her hypersphere according to your theory, but even then, there would still be insufficient energy to keep the temperature high for too long. I agree that playing with the configuration of an initial bang is probably tricky, but you guys have been here for 200 million years already. That’s such a freaking long time! If you are super smart, Ying’s accomplishment shouldn’t have impressed you that much.”

“I was impressed,” Shu replied, “because Ying was too smart compared to the rest of you, but then there are about 17 of you at her level of intelligence. The gap is very large if you compare Ying and Qi, for example. I was just trying to be politically correct with Qi.”

“So,” Ran pursued, “why did it take 2 months?”

“It would still take time to form the sun and the planets though you don’t really need them,” Shu was laughing, “but I don’t know because I can’t see what’s inside.”

“How would you do it differently then,” Ran pursued again, “given that you claimed you would do it differently?”

“I may simply add noise to its exterior,” Shu smiled.

“But,” Ran concluded immediately, “you would lose temporal vision yourself. Ying had the best of both worlds. I expect that you have a better solution.”

“We keep those secret universes very far from the Primary Surface. That’s all. Distance is always your best friend.” Shu was a little annoyed with these kids, who were about to turn adults. They had no manner at all.

“Ah,” Ran was trying to up the game a little, “but you didn’t have a better commercial solution. That’s why you were impressed.”

“Enough is enough,” Shu was trying to stop Ran. “I would simply create a universe inside another universe, which can be completed within a few seconds, which even Wen can do. Space is dirt cheap anyway. I wouldn’t want to wait 2 months. Unless Ying was trying to achieve something other than privacy, she was a complete idiot. Besides, commercial solutions are none of my business. I am the chief police officer. Remember?”

“But,” Ran was a little more clear about the United Blades at this point, though still a little reserved, “Ying corrected your mistakes during the first few minutes of your lecture.”

“I was impressed,” Shu smiled again, a little impenetrable this time, “because that piece of knowledge was left unquestioned for 182 million years.”

“Are we too smart for you then?” Ran was pushing the envelop a little.

“You either want to work with us or not,” Shu was smiling at him. “Shall we start the lecture?”

Shu wanted to win them over, as she always did with all other civilizations.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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