Physically And Not Just Mathematically

Well, I will get back to the previous unfinished meeting after this post.

Shu invited Ying to meet at her place following her meeting with Ying’s team to meet Christine, just to see if she could make it on her own, a way to tell her progress in traveling speed. She made it, as usual, covering a distance that can only be handled by a typical level-7 blade. Shu was not too surprised, either. After all, she met much smarter Mammalians at a very young age, about 2.3 billion years ago. They met at Shu’s private meeting room, humble but warm, exhibiting a soldier’s way of living, their heart and soul. Shu started the conversation, as usual.

“How was your research about deriving a canonical photon from a canonical graviton?”

Ying smiled, “I suppose that’s why you asked me to be here. It’s not too bad, moving forward as usual. You know I am becoming an adult soon, so I ought to put more effort into Christish biology.”

Understanding, Shu replied, “You know we have a common enemy beyond the known world, who is definitely not a remnant of the former Mammalian universe. They can come to us, but we know not where they are, asymmetric at best. Don’t tell me you don’t even care.”

“After all,” Ying chuckled, “we can’t afford to lose our Avian world, right?”

Ignoring her comment, Shu asked Ying a question instead, “Why are you calling it a graviton while you know it probably isn’t?”

“Exactly!” Ying laughed again, “Why are you making that same human mistake?”

“Well,” Shu placed her right foot on Ying’s forearm, smiling at her, “but you followed their nomenclature.”

“I don’t want to worry about that problem until we have our own language.” Ying looked into Shu’s eyes, searching for the source of her comfort on this matter. She liked birds, but did not understand their psychology very well. Their eyes were always sharp, so she could not tell their emotions from there. Their body movements seemed obvious, but were not revealing enough about their emotional state. “You know,” Ying answered, “nomenclature is like branding, the last thing to worry about.”

“True!” Shu nodded, “I definitely share the same sentiment.”

“So,” feeling comfortable again, Ying teased Shu with a funny question, “you found your gravitron or gravitark for that matter, given that your gravity is supposed to function like electricity?”

Seemingly not getting Ying’s joke, Shu asked another question instead, “It takes mass for a particle to decay, but is it invariant mass, gravitational mass or inertial mass?”

“Definitely inertial mass,” Ying responded with assurance beyond doubt, “because it’s dependent on time, which depends on both velocity and gravity. Everything that works at the level of gravity is supposed to be independent of the relativistic effect of space, time and inertial mass.”

“So,” Shu pursued immediately, “how come there’s no difference between gravitational time and inertial time while gravity and inertia exhibit their difference in mass? Is it because the energy level of matter is so high that they become unified?” She seemed amused while looking at Ying.

“Sometimes,” Ying replied rather slowly, “I am not sure if you are joking or not. Both space and time constitute a synchronization point, so there cannot be a difference between gravitational time and inertial time. The same is true with space.”

“So,” almost laughing at this point, Shu asked again, “you believe that time is space and space is time, hence the space-time continuum?”

Giggled Ying, “You truly sound like Buddha, who once said, ‘Everything is nothing and nothing is everything.'”

This time, Shu laughed, “I suppose you were serious about the existence of invariant time and the uncertainty of invariant space?”

“I will let you know once I can prove it physically and not just mathematically. Besides, you have to stop your surveillance on us, because they now have to think twice even before taking a shower. We will be upgrading our public shelter soon to protect our privacy, which I hope will not be taken as a declaration of war. If nothing else, I suggest that we end our meeting here.” Ying raised her one eyebrow, a way to show her surprise at Shu’s haughty attitude.

“It’s amazing that you still remember when you made that remark,” Shu replied. “Well, privacy is never an issue in the United Blades. It’s about time to upgrade your world without worrying about what message it might send.”


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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