Being Provocative

Russia has the most advanced military technology, mostly because Russia is big, twice the size of America or China, twice harder to defend properly. Russian military technology is driven by need while US technology is driven by want, just not the same level of urgency or sense of crisis. By just looking at Russian military development, you begin to realize what it actually means to be serious. Let’s just check out their radars first, some of them amazingly and embarrassingly old and yet remaining the world’s most powerful, not to put you to shame or disgrace but to show that they take national defense seriously.

Daryal radars are from the 80’s ( In fact, Russians started building air defense shields in the 60’s. If you follow the wiki link, you will see a small map of Russia covered by these planned radars. The newer Voronezh radars are nearly twice as powerful ( Unfortunately, I can’t find a map of Russia online to show how they are deployed. The latest highly mobile Nebo radars, near deployment, are designed to track ballistic missiles, stealth aircraft, drones and hypersonic targets ( Do stealth aircraft pose a threat at all? Not so for Russia. How about stealth missiles that don’t have canards and air intakes? It’s harder to tell. How about cruise missiles or advanced hypersonic weapons ( that fly at low altitudes? Well, that’s not a problem. These radars are getting small enough to be mounted on reconnaissance planes, high-altitude balloons and satellites, just to provide you a bird’s eye view of all incoming objects from above. So, you will very soon have it all covered from 0 m to 5,000 km in altitude, practically impenetrable. I know you still can go underground, but it’s not very fast. Plus, earthquake detectors may easily catch you.

Yes, stealth cruise missiles are the answer to these impenetrable air defense systems, because even unusual black body radiation and blurry low-frequency microwave reflection will not easily stand out from the complex geographic background. You have to be able to compare multiple frames of high-resolution radar images to detect subtle high-speed objects, typically flying beyond 400 km/h, which even the fastest birds cannot achieve. You know, you track all detectable movements in the area and focus on the high-speed objects first. If a missile is flying at 50 km/h, it’s a low priority target. You’ve got time to intercept it later. Cloud computing is not a solution for these radars, because data transmission rate is too slow. You have to carry a supercomputer with you or invent sophisticated algorithms accelerated by specialized processors. You know, if you love your country and your people, you’ve got to push everything to their limits.

Mutual annihilation is still the way to go. Symmetry has to be maintained before asymmetry can be attained.

So, now you understand Russian patriotism, which is not driven by their desire to compete and show off, but by their need to properly defend their nation and their people.

China has to buy more Russian technology for proper national defense. After all, what’s a friend for?

Again, if Russian technology is good enough for Russia, then it’s good enough for any country in the world, simply because Russia is the largest nation in the world, twice the size of the second largest.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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