Russia has got its first casualty in Syria after a month of military engagement, finally! US must be celebrating now based on their earnest expectation from a couple of weeks ago. Maybe they’ve waited too long and the fever is gone for good. In any case, Western media are still eagerly awaiting further news from their fellow Russians to track down the death toll for them through social media in Russia. I don’t blame those Russians, because when the government is trying to cover up everything, they have the right to find out the truth. The problem is, the family just buried their beloved young member, claiming that there’s no sign to show that the technician had hung himself. No other sign of physical violence, either? Well, he didn’t die in the battlefield. He may have been poisoned in a night club, with a Syrian prostitute who happened to be a rebel. The story is ugly and the Russian military decided to cover it up with a lame lie without any backing of physical evidence. After all, how hard is it to fake a wound to explain the preferred cause of death? They will improve their military discipline in Syria, so soldiers can’t have as much fun anymore locally. It’s too risky. Soldiers, like teachers, are usually not good liars due to the simpler social interactivity in their working environments. They should employ their secretive service to tell more professional lies from now on. Hey, it’s the international image of Russia! You don’t want to tell a bad lie like that.

Anyways. It’s boring. Let’s focus on the more interesting stuffs, such as this one (http://qz.com/534704/this-is-why-the-us-is-spending-80-billion-on-a-new-long-range-stealth-bomber/). Why invest in stealth bombers? Do you think they can safely return home without air superiority? Well, that’s why the new bombers are always unmanned. So, why not stealth missiles, if they can’t make it home after the completion of their mission anyway? Ah, they are targeting at the military Second World. So, you have dumb bombers like MQ-1 for the military Third World, smart stealthy bombers like the one in research and development for the military Second World, stealth fighters and carriers for the military First World, and finally smart stealth cruise missiles for the military TOP WORLD! That makes totally logical sense. Now, the harder part of the problem. We know who belong to the Third World and the First World, but who belong to the Second World? Ah, the Third World may rise to be the Second World shortly that we must prepare for the future. I totally get it. So, why 80 billion dollars, much higher than a whole year of Russian military budget? Obviously, US is trying to make yet another F-35 statement: “we are rich and we can squander like that.” Americans are patriots and LOVE TAX, right?

I hate bombers. They better be dirt cheap, or I let fighters do their job. And don’t ever tell me about bombers’ range. What’s in-flight refueling for anyway? Carriers carry army and fuel and everything, capable of multiple roles. If you can’t multitask nowadays, I am sorry, because you are eliminated in this highly competitive world. It’s as simple as that. Speak multi-role, please!

Wake up! T-50 is the future.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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