The State Of Taiwan’s Politics

The Democratic Progressive Party in Taiwan has long learned how to look good in public. While it’s admirable, it’s just not good enough to save a nation. While the Chinese Nationalists in Taiwan are not as good at public sentiment manipulation, they at least saved China and protected its territorial integrity for nearly half a century. Under the ruling of Communist Party of China, China shrank significantly. It simply shows that the Chinese Nationalists are still better for China though they lost it to the Communists. Under the excellent leadership of Chairman Mao, China lost its territory even to a Third World nation like Myanmar. Was Myanmar too strong for Mr. Mao that he had to cut off half of Yunnan to Myanmar? What a joke!

China is a lot better now, thanks to the death of Mao, the still worshiped national father in China, whose offspring spammed the Facebook of Ms. Tsai recently ( Are they trying that hard to make the pro-China campaign lose again? I know they are very pro-war so they want an excuse to attack Taiwan. Given that US is no longer willing to back Taiwan, spamming might be a very wise move. Taiwan is very small. Why choose independence? Why not keep the status quo and focus on economy? Is economy too difficult for Democratic Progressive Party that they have to talk about the spirituality of Taiwan independence all day long? The Nationalist Party lifted Taiwan out of its poverty from Japan’s colonization. Yet, Democratic Progressive Party thanks and appreciates the Japanese colonization. Do you know any other political party in the world that thanks or thanked former colonization? Even then, they managed to look good in Taiwan. They are the experts in public sentiment manipulation. If China is seeking eventual unification with Taiwan, they should stop spamming Taiwan’s politics. It’s not easy to look good. You can simply ask any American celebrity just to see how difficult it is to look good in a country where free speech prevails. But, that’s not what I care about. They know how to look good, but they can’t save the nation.

To be a small nation means to have to suck it up properly with bigger nations that might be willing to offer protection. If Taiwan can take it to the level of Israel, Canada or Japan with US, I will be interested in Taiwan’s independence. If Taiwan is still seeking to be Ukraine with US, I am not in. I am sorry about that. As a responsible political party, you have to be willing to look good internationally as well as domestically. Focusing all your strength to look good domestically, however skillfully, masterfully and democratically, will not set you apart from the Communist Party of China, who is underachieving with the same sole objective.

It’s sad, but you really have to wake up. Taiwan needs a role model. Who do you want to be? I don’t mind staying with China to become the next US, so long as democratization remains the first objective.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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