Is There A Problem?

Beijing just banned an art exhibition about gender inequality ( What’s the problem? Isn’t that a worldwide problem instead of a Chinese problem? Is China so good that it presents an exception in the world? The frequent banning of civil activities in China shows only one problem. The Chinese government knows too little about the human world and the Chinese history. Mao is an uneducated farmer who vowed to modernize China by abandoning all traditional Chinese values. It couldn’t work, because the Chinese people, especially scholars, resisted even to the sacrifice of their own lives. Guess what? The Chinese government eventually conceded and decided to pick up those traditional values again with little genuine interest in them.

Why do I say that? Firstly, they don’t understand that sexism is not a product of China but that of the entire humanity. Secondly, they are not trying that hard to refute those contemporary artists as ignorant as they are about traditional Chinese culture. I believe that the exhibition should reopen at a later time, provided that those artists begin a more thorough study about Chinese past before they criticize it. You know, they are Chinese, so what they claim about China’s past becomes highly believable to foreigners visiting China, whether the claims are true or not. The second last paragraph of the news article I quoted at the beginning of this post explains how those artists interpret the traditional Chinese character “adultery”. God, are they really Chinese at all? Do they even speak Chinese? How about the Chinese characters “good”, a woman with a child, and “wonderful/clever”, a woman who is young? Most Chinese characters associated with the word root “woman” are very positive. Grab a dictionary and do the sampling, please! Stop lying to foreigners and telling them that China is evil unless your claims are founded. Having 3 identical characters in 1 character in Chinese means having a lot of the things represented by the root character, the best example being “forest” having 3 characters that denote “tree”. If you have lots of women instead of one, isn’t that adultery? Is monogamy a bad thing according to these contemporary artists? Just give me a break!

Traditional Chinese values are usually sound and good. Like the Pharisees in the Bible, the real problem with the ancient China is not that they promoted incorrect values but that they walked too little and talked too much. Be a little more educated about China before you even talk about China, especially if you are Chinese, highly misleading in the Western world. Thank you very much. Westerners are not very good at putting themselves in our shoes yet. If you are Chinese, they believe everything negative you say about China, without a second thought. Be responsible, because YOU represent China. YOU represent the Chinese face as Americans represent the American face, similarly taught in America. It’s a very BASIC responsibility of every good citizen.

That’s all.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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