Taiwan’s Election

Taiwan’s election is getting some international spotlight, the kind of attention you don’t really want. The world doesn’t seem to care much about Spain’s election or Canada’s election but Taiwan’s election. Why? It’s about a potential war with China. Look, there’s a new virus outbreak in Africa, killing thousands of people, a news headline that immediately grabs the attention of the world, the kind of attention you don’t really want. In any case, the Democratic Progressive Party is winning, not for the first time and not surprisingly. I am happy for them, though I am more on the Nationalists’ side. For me, it makes no difference whether it’s Chinese nationalism or Taiwanese nationalism. Democracy is all that I care about. It’s a system that enables the peaceful shift of power to a more competent government through public opinion. It turns out that the Nationalists have not been very competent for the past 20 years, which, of course, include the 8 years of ruling by the Democratic Progressive Party, leaving only 12 years to the Nationalists (http://qz.com/591484/taiwans-elections-are-almost-here-and-the-last-thing-voters-care-about-is-china/). Well, since both parties are equally incompetent, why not simply flip side every 4 years or 8 years for that matter?

The thing about the Democratic Progressive Party is the Taiwanese nationalism under the banner of democracy, not really all that different from Chinese nationalism. They will push Ms. Tsai to compromise her promise to not provoke China. We will see how well she can handle internal pressure. As far as this election goes, I am happy to see the Chinese Nationalists face some pressure to be a more competent government, who did a very good job in the previous century. It’s all about competency to survive and thrive in international competition.

The most successful small nation in the world is probably Singapore. If Taiwan follows that model to become the richest nation per capita in the world while being able to defend itself moderately, I am still not that thrilled. Taiwan may have the best airport and everything and all the wonderful titles in the world, but I am still not that thrilled. Something is missing in that picture. Taiwan is still irrelevant, however beautiful and wonderful it will be, just because it’s small.

You want to be part of humanity. You want to participate. You want to be relevant. You want to be of a nation that makes a difference in this world, this universe. Taiwan is too small to be effective. We haven’t seen a small nation capable of such an achievement, not even Israel, a nation defended by the Almighty God.

That being said, we need a competent government. If the Nationalists can’t make it, it makes sense to give the Democratic Progressive Party a second chance.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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