Gravitational Weaponry

Ok, I’ve got some time to write some shit again. Obviously, I am not a physicist but I like to read about physics whenever I have some spare time. If you read about degenerate matter (, you will eventually bump into singularity, thought to contain bosons only, since identical fermions cannot occupy the same quantum state. What kind of bosons? Well, they’ve got to be massive for a black hole to conserve its super powerful gravitational mass. That leaves only Higgs bosons and weak bosons to exist inside a black hole. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, because given the short effective distance of the electromagnetic field inside a black hole, photons can be super massive. Massive bosons tend to decay very quickly into fermions, but fermions cannot possibly exist inside a black hole, the two forces fighting each other possibly giving rise to internal pressure and even the inflationary pressure needed to explode the black hole ( Photons are easier to observe than all other bosons we know of, so advanced photon models are easier to test in experiments, hence the advantage.

Basically, I am trying to explain that mass and energy, while convertible into each other, are not the same thing. For example, the Higgs field contains energy, but unless a Higgs boson shows up, no gravitational mass is detectable. The same is true with a high velocity object that experiences no significant change in gravitational mass despite an enormous increase in inertial mass. Otherwise, an object would simply accelerate into a black hole of its own long before its space is sufficiently contracted into its own Schwarzschild radius, easily observable in particle collisions and accretion disks. Obviously, total internal energy is neither inertial mass nor gravitational mass. Inertial mass is linked to total kinetic energy while gravitational mass is linked to total potential energy.

The Big Bang was the explosion of a black hole, so somehow those bosons inside a black hole are capable of deriving inflationary energy, useful for a warp drive or even a simple warp bomb, whose anti-gravity can multiply the destructive power of high heat, which is definitely too weak without rapid spacetime inflation. You know, aliens can invade us, so we’d better hurry up on the research and development of gravitational weaponry, the next class of defense systems. That’s about it.


About Run Song

Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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