Russian Torpedoes Revisited

China is building its underwater Great Wall as a new defense line ( The concept is extremely easy, just costly. Is it possible that US will be building such a wall soon? If so, together with the perfection of directed energy weaponry, what else can penetrate anti-nuclear defense lines to achieve nuclear equality, namely, mutual annihilation? Well, if both sides are indeed impenetrable, it will be a new status called symmetric nuclear incapacity, the ideal state for peace lovers. Unfortunately, that’s not what soldiers want to achieve. What they want instead is nuclear equality as the bottom line and nuclear supremacy as the ultimate objective, just because nuclear equality is rather easy to achieve as a minimum requirement. No worries. The new Great Wall that China is building will take time, possibly decades, if they don’t know what they are doing.

Basically, the main idea of the new Great Wall is to deploy sonars and sensors everywhere to capture all underwater background noise and then to decipher what the noise may mean. It takes highly trained pattern recognition specialists to be able to read nearly random signals. For example, Russia has been working on long wavelength radars for decades, only recently to deploy S-400 with barely satisfactory results. Also, Huang, Xue-dong, developed the Sphinx-II system at Carnegie Mellon University with Raj Reddy and Lee, Kai-fu, who confessed about spending hours a day, each and every day, in order to make the breakthrough in speech recognition. Pattern recognition is a special talent like the physical sense of Albert Einstein, rarely found among ordinary human beings. Talent recruitment will be a huge problem if China doesn’t know what they are looking for. Fortunately, most talents we know in complex pattern recognition have their eastern root, Russian, Chinese or Indian. It means that there may be a much higher concentration of such talents in those nations than elsewhere. So, China has an advantage. No worries. Where humans fall short, animals make up. Underwater creatures tend to possess superhuman capabilities in sound signal processing. If US knows what they are looking for, they might not fall short. Now, what about Russian giant torpedoes? How are they supposed to penetrate the most impenetrable nuclear defense lines? Well, those torpedoes make absolutely no sound, a technology that only Russia possesses. After all, they have the most quiet submarines in the world. But, even the most quiet torpedoes can be caught sometimes. What do they do? Well, they can go supersonic or even hypersonic underwater once caught. Theoretically, if those torpedoes spin fast enough, water resistance can be minimized. Well, that’s in theory. Of course, it won’t be that easy.

Now, in the most unlikely scenario where torpedoes cannot possibly accomplish their missions, how can nuclear equality be achieved? Well, you still can take the old-school approach to annihilate all enemy satellites first and then use the first wave of nuclear missiles as large-area electromagnetic bombs, which is not that perfect. Otherwise, you will need some sort of superreflective materials for the inner layer of your stealth missiles, the extra weight only to protect them against directed energy weaponry, which shouldn’t take that long to research and develop. Given that directed energy weaponry are very difficult to make, it may not be wise to overspend in this area for now. However, it makes sense to gauge the theoretical limits of these superreflective materials only to assess if directed energy weaponry will actually be the future of warfare.

Russian giant torpedoes can still have their day. Stay tuned.

I am beginning to watch some Chinese military channels now, such as HangZhou TV Military Official Channel (, because American reconnaissance doesn’t seem to be able to provide enough information for Western media. Is the Chinese language really that difficult?


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Run Song (宋闰) is my pen name for the Moments of Poetry, a collection of poems about the greatest moments of life. If photography captures the greatest moments of life, poetry is the life behind them.
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